Saturday, April 2, 2011

you are beautiful.

we have all had those feelings. that's what living in a society that strives for perfection does to us. no matter what our age, gender, or social status. our role models are those who have an unattainable image that we try to imitate through our clothes, bodies, speech, everything little detail about us.


these are the words that should be going through our minds. these are the words we should be using towards others in order to boost their self-confidence as well. each and every person has beauty in them. why not let that shine? why not tell others what you think is beautiful about them? it's more then just complimenting their hairstyle or their shoes. tell them they are an amazing person. you look up to them. anything. we all need to hear it. we all need confidence to be who we were supposed to be in this world.
so many of us hate the way we look. women about their bodies especially. it's such a sad thing for me to see girls struggle with trying to be so incredibly skinny that it makes me cringe and sick to my stomach.
i want girls to be healthy. feel healthy. and "skinny" is not healthy.
healthy is eating right. and less than 1500 calories a day is NOT healthy. neither is eating over 2500. fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains is healthy and should be eaten every day. not one granola bar and a bottle of water. it makes me want to cry.
healthy is staying active at least 20 minutes each day if not more.
healthy is being able to enjoy spending time with others and not constantly worrying about having to avoid restaurants because of temptation or skipping a much needed work out. support of friends and family is more important than anything else can and will ever be. emotionally, we need people in our lives. or we cannot socially develop.

tell someone their beautiful.
every day.
i don't care who it is. i don't care if it's embarassing.
do it.
and maybe they will tell someone too.
and then we can feel less hateful towards ourselves and gain a sense of self-confidence that everyone needs.
because we all deserve to be happy.

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