Wednesday, April 13, 2011

salad beasts

typical breakfast was oatmeal. been having oatmeal for the past week and im okay with that.
i use the volume trick by using a ton of liquid and chia seeds. it pumps up the surface area of only 1/3 cup of oats.
oh and i cant eat oatmeal without peanut butter. :)

yesterday and todays lunch was a "salad beast"
today i roasted some sweet taters and made a mexican salad.

so hard not to eat every single one before plopping them into my salad.

yesterday had some tomatoes, feta, and the last of my leftover chickpea and spinach dish. (i got 5 servings outta that sucker!)

my body is on fire today.
yesterday i did that 3.5 mile run.
well today, i decided it'd be a good morning to run again. the weather is freaking amazing, why not!?
i started by walking 2 miles. (the neighborhood i chose has huge hills so i figured i'd follow my training plan and walk.) after my 2 miles were up, i was luckily on a flat road and pounded out another 2.5 miles before i was running out of time.
i ran home and rinsed off..and headed to a 12:00 "muscle mix" class at the rec center. holy crap it was hard. the personal training director was the instructor. and she kicked my butt.
and now my body is super sore. yoga in the morning? i think so.

nikki didn't end up coming over last night to make cupcakes, so we're doing it tonight.

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