Wednesday, April 6, 2011

nothing goes as planned

so i drive to my night class today to find out that it's cancelled. :) well, it wasn't supposed to be, but my professor couldn't get the computer to work and we had group presentations we kind of needed it. so yay...good thing because i have an exam tomorrow that im not quite ready for.

lately i have been OBSESSED with this song. i listen to it everyday.
andrew belle can come over anytime and sing me to sleep and i'd be completely okay with that.

maybe ill be lucky and he'll play at lollapalooza?
speaking of, i got my ticket! the early bird ones sold out in 20 minutes. i couldn't believe it.
if you don't know what it's a 3 day concert festival in chicago at grant park every august. they have amazing bands and amazing headliners. like this year so far i know foo fighters, muse, and EMINEM is going to be there. AH. okay, maybe this makes me a little pathetic, but i have been a huge eminem fan since i was 13.

yesterday was an awesome day of exercise.
i stuck with my training plan and walked 2 miles, ran 2 miles, and speed walked 2 miles. finished in about 70 minutes with a calorie burn of 850.
also, i tried my first hot yoga class last night!
i chose to go to "barre works" which is...

Zenergi’s new Barre-Works class incorporates a series of low impact, high intensity strength and stretching postures for all major muscle groups in the body. It combines use of the balancing barre with core conditioning, stretching and is mixed with traditional Pilates and Yoga postures.

In addition to the major muscle groups, Barre-Works will focus on the core as well as smaller muscles in the seat and thighs to sculpt, chisel and define. While the entire body is working through the series, trouble areas of the body will be reached with this system through the individual motions and subsequent lengthening exercises. With this practice your body, posture and physical awareness will transform. Barre-Works will compliment your other physical routines including Yoga and Pilates.

i felt like i was doing ballet dancer work-outs! haha it was great. and i definitely feel it today, holy crap.

bootcamp was this morning. yet another good one. can't believe friday is the last day.

we did 5 minute rounds of each set:

1) step-ups with dumbbells - 10 reps each leg
incline pushups - 10
decline pushups - 10

2) run 1 lap
split squats off step - 12 each leg
30 mountain climbers

3) bicep curl w/ push press - 12
suitcases - 20
3 sets of stairs

4) squat jumps - 20
tricep dips - 15
burpees w/ pushup - 12 (THESE WERE KILLER)

5) our choice of any set of the above
i started out with #3, but suzi (trainer) called me out for choosing the easy one so i chose #4

6) (core)
pushup/planks (up, up, down, downs) - 10
hip raises (in side plank) - 10 each side
jack knifes - 10 each side
bicycles - 15 each leg

at the end we ran 3 laps while doing core toe touches in between each lap

phew. it was a good one.

i ate a lot of random-ness today.
protein pancakes
kashi trail mix granola bar
egg scramble w/ veggies in a tortilla topped with cheddar cheese
apple & crunchy all natural pb
apple pie low fat yogurt
handful of granola

should probably start studying.....

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