Monday, April 11, 2011

go as far as reason will take you. then leap.

nice weekend. didn't go out, but didn't really "stay in" either.
friday night - worked at the gym.

saturday morning - trained to be a group fitness instructor finally. :) we did a 4 hour workshop and learned how to teach step and even got to teach a couple step combinations to everyone. it was fun. we also learned "circuit training" which i am welllll prepared to teach. thanks to my classes @ performance, jillian michaels, and jackie warner.

saturday afternoon/night - went for a 6 mile walk/run with my mama (i missed going on the trail with her!) and then we rented a movie and called it a night.

sunday - worked at the coffeeshop, went to manager meeting, and went grocery shopping.
OH and i made chocolate covered cake mix truffles! im surprised i didn't eat the whole batch. they were delish to the max.
and i talked on the phone with someone who makes me smile.

before i get to that recipe and other meals i've eaten recently....i want to talk about this training.
so if i want to teach both step and a circuit training class, i have to attend 4 classes a week at the rec center and shadow instructors. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS YOU GUYS. eventually we get to teach a portion of the class....and at the end of 3 weeks, we audition to get our own group exercise class! i need to put my foot into gear. now. and keep up with my classes as well...
good thing im also going to enjoy unlimited hot yoga for the next 3 weeks. i think the added stretching will definitely help and bring peace to my mind during this madness.
maybe ill be able to do that one day.... bahaha probably not.

okay..onto the food.

first meal is a Chickpea and Spinach dish. The original recipe is from cleaneatingchelsey and it said it "serves 2 really hungry people." Well...I have eaten it 3 times and STILL have leftovers. and each time, it makes me full. So...I'm thinking 4 servings for me. :)

before i get ready to go work out...

next up... no bake vanilla cake batter chocolate truffles!

original recipe is here
just follow that....exactly. and you'll have an amazing dessert. and be careful not to eat every single one. I used sugar free cake mix, vanilla extract, sweetened condensed milk, and hersheys dark chocolate chips.

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