Thursday, April 28, 2011

yeah, just an allergic reaction to the universe.

anyone else miss the OC as much as i do? it kind of lost its' viewers after marissa died. but where has she gone in the entertainment business? she tried that one show where she was a model addicted to drugs..(wait isn't that her real life?) but it flopped after episode 1. i watched it, it sucked.
the OC was the best. i do love gossip girl, but miss the comic relief of seth cohen. adam brody is definitely number one for celebrity guy crushes that i have.
at least i still see him doing movies (scream 4 - has anyone seen it?!) and same with rachel bilson. oh and ryan...hes on some show where he plays a cop i think.

anyway even though all my friends made fun of me for being so obsessed with this show - i have all 4 seasons and still watch them constantly - it was a great time in my life. i wanted to live their lives, no matter how dramatic it was. i wanted to wake up and be able to go to the beach whenever i wanted. still do. i still envy people who get to have beautiful weather and a huge ass house.
iowa isn't cutting it for me anymore. even though i think it's really "safe" here and the cost of living is very manageable compared to other states, this gloomy-ness is killing me. i woke up before 8 am today and haven't moved from my bed. it's now 10:30. the sun makes me want to go outside and embrace it. and i miss it. and im not going to see it for another week if that. boo. :( im done complaining now.

yesterday's eats:
lunch was a turkey sandwich on a sandwich thin. (smart deli "soy" turkey, tomato slice, mustard, sandwich thin)
dinner was fab.
shrimp pasta. baked shrimp brushed lightly with olive oil, whole wheat spirals, vodka sauce, and broccoli.

i also had unpictured greek yogurt with honey and a dip into the peanut butter jar.

this morning i woke up so sore.
not good because i have to shadow two classes today that are both half step and half strength. and im teaching during one of them! im teaching a half hour of strength today. im so freaking nervous. but i have to be confident.

this mornings brekkie: 1 cup fiber one + 1/2 cup natural cinnamon squares, 1 cup almond milk, 1 cup frozen berries
see what i mean about not leaving my bed. i was even too lazy to grab my camera and used my webcam for this breakfast. weak.

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