Monday, April 25, 2011

8 week goals

8 week boot camp started today.
this is my second session & i'm going to work much harder this time around.
with school ending in 3 weeks and vacations+bikinis+sun! coming soon..i really want to work on my eating and exercise goals.

our challenge of the week this week is to publicly announce our goals for these next 8 weeks. perfect, since i was planning on it anyway. :)
the following goals are for 4/25-6/17.
i leave for colorado june 18th and we are planning on going mountain biking, white water rafting, and spending a lot of time in swimsuits outside so this is a perfect end to my 8 weeks.

goal #1:
- stick with my running training.
i'm following a plan to get myself to run a half-marathon. i'll probably do a few races this summer to also focus on.

goal #2: get stronger.
- i do cardio. i do weights. i want to maintain the strength i have from both and get even stronger. i love feeling strong.
goal #3:
-drink more tea. i dont hate tea, i just never think about it. i feel like caffeine "wakes me up" more than tea. but tea doesn't dehydrate. and tea is full of fat-burning antioxidants. and there's nothing wrong with drinking a whole pot of tea compared to a full pot of coffee.

goal #4: take more pictures.
goal #5: laugh more.
spend time with friends more.

along with these goals, i want to continue to eat healthy and not mindlessly eat. when i snack, i inhale. i really need to learn how to eat intuitively so that will be a main focus.
also bess from over at bessbefit is sending me a training plan with workouts and a "diet" to help me maintain my goals.


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