Friday, April 29, 2011


i think i'm one of the only ones who didn't care to watch the royal wedding. i dont even like weddings all that much anyway. everyone thinks im crazy, but i can never picture myself getting married.
and as a little girl, i never imagined or dreamed of an extravagant wedding. never even thought about it actually.
instead i fantasized about becoming a singer and being famous for that.
i dont even have a good voice. haha, but i do have rhythm so maybe i should have been a dancer?

during my step training today, my instructor asked if my parents have musical experience. aside from playing the flute and being in choir, i think thats all my mom really did. they were both heavy metal listeners & my mom probably got most of her moves from jane fonda.
i, on the other hand, did play piano & violin. and sang in choir. and did dance. so maybe that's where my talent for figuring out musical sequences came from.
my step trainer said she'd hire me. very encouraging!

anyway..something i've been thinking about lately is how do i teach my friends & family how to eat right. they are stuck in their mostly meat and hardly any fruits and veggies way.
well...they should look at this food pyramid because im pretty much obsessed. maybe i should make posters out of this and hand them out to them?
its so frustrating. i just want them to get it.

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  1. I didn't really care for the royal wedding either!! Personally I only watch 10 minutes to see what Kate's dress looked like, then I switched over to teen mom (;

    Although I'm obsessed with Say Yes to the Dress, I've never really thought about my wedding either! When I was little I played dress up, horses (I liked them more than barbies), and pokemon! My wedding will come when it comes, and I'll deal with the planning then (;