Tuesday, April 26, 2011

numero uno

day one of my meal plan!
breakfast: oatmeal made with 1/4 cup oats, 3/4 cup water, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 small chopped green apple, sprinkle of cinnamon, and 1 tbsp of peanut butter stirred in at the end.

um, wow. i'm full.morning snack will be a cup of nonfat greek yogurt w/ tbsp honey & 10 almonds.
for lunch it will be a spinach salad w/ grilled chicken & balsamic vinegar.

i better get ready. im actually going to class today. everyone watch out... i'm about to be a good student!

ok. so scratch that. i didn't get ready in time to catch the bus.
and i teach everything to myself in that class anyway.
it's social & personality development. and almost every single topic is common sense knowledge. for the final the topics are: development of morality, sex/gender differences in development, and effects of family on development.
i've gotten an A on both exams already and i usually study the night before.
oh the life of a college student.

it's health psychology i'm more worried about. i got a C on the first exam & i have never even missed a class this semester. i guess it's just way to much information to remember.

human biology is meh. i dont expect to do any better than what i have been because his exams are awful.

anyway..i forgot to mention how bootcamp was yesterday.
i literally threw up in my mouth. usually i eat half a banana about 45 minutes before class starts, but i was running late, didn't have any bananas, and shoved a half of an odwalla bar down my throat on the drive there. [i get really dizzy if i dont have food before a tough work out.]
so this work out was tough. my heart rate never went below 150 and stayed around 162.

the work out was called a "10 to 1". You do each exercise in each set 10 times, then 9 times, all the way down to one and then either run or do stairs in between each set.

3 lap run - warm up

set #1:
goblet squat (i used a 10 lb dumbbell)
pushups (i didn't do any girl ones!)
tricep dips off bench

run 3 laps

set #2:
prisoner lunges
spider planks

6 sets of stairs

set #3:
seal jacks
renegade rows (w/ 8 lb dumbbells)

run 3 laps, 3 sets of stairs

i threw up in the middle of set 3. but kept on fighting!

i also did hot yoga yesterday.

for todays work out, ill probably run and practice for the class im teaching on thursday.

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