Tuesday, April 12, 2011

if a tree falls down in a forest and nobody is around.. does it make a sound?

im feeling amazing today.
did a vinyasa hot yoga class this morning which rejuvenated me for the rest of the day.
went to my human biology lab and dissected an eye.
interesting to say the least.
then came home and ran 3.5 miles without stopping. and did it in 34 minutes. thats amazing, to me.
:) because i am NOT a runner.

after that i had another protein cupcake to replenish my muscles and a fair share of salted peanuts.

now im off to a dinner date with an old friend. well, not really "old" friend but i never see him anymore! his schedule is nuts. and mine doesnt really help the situation.
we're going to cheba hut. its a sandwich place that is centered all around weed. haha pretty amusing.


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  1. Wow you ran 3.5 in 34 minutes, I can't even run that fast - you go girl