Saturday, January 1, 2011

cheer to new beginnings

happy new year! i'm excited for 2011.
i know it seems cliche and kind of pointless to say that i'm going to change and i get to start over because it's the new year, but i really am. and i'm really excited about it.

i'm going to start off today with a 2010 survey because i like remembering the previous years. :)

. I know it's hard, but think of one of your favorites memory of 2010?:
my 21st birthday! i had my whole family there with me and people i care about. they took care of me when i was long gone. haha

2. Did you do any community service this year? What was it?:
i ran in a couple races which donated my money to good causes..does that count?

3. Are you planning on making a New Year's resolution? What will it be?:
of course. to start working hard towards my bachelors degree & get the heck out of here.
also to get off my medication for anxiety.
& become a fitness instructor!

4. How many people have you kissed this year?:

5. Did you have any significant others this year? Who?:
yes, josh.

6. Was 2010 a good year of love for you? Why or why not?:
for the most part

7. Did you go to any concerts? Which ones?:
yep; kate nash, iron & wine were the most recent. i can't remember the ones in the beginning of the year if i even went to any.

8. What was your biggest accomplishment?:
passing my classes at iowa.

9. Did you stay awake two nights in a row?:
no way. i love my sleep. i did however stay up all night a few times.

10. What was something you really hoped you didn't do that you did?:
kept my job @ java. i love it and just takes a lot of me. oh well!

11. Did you do any hardcore drugs? Which ones?:
no thanks

12. Are you gonna party New Year's Eve? Where?:
i had fun partying with a bunch of little kids playing games and laughing a lot =)

13. Will you drink on New Year's?:
no, i didn't. didn't want to either.

14. Did you see a torando/hurricane this year?:

15. Did you travel out of state? Where to?:
minnesota. thats it!

16. Have you been in a car accident this year?:

17. Did you try something new this year? What was it?:
lots of new food, new work outs

18. Are you hoping to try something new in 2011? What will that be?:
a spin class :)

19. Did you have a yard sale this year? How successful was that?:

20. Did you go to any amusement parks? Which ones?:
valley fair in minnesota

21. Are you a nervous/anxious about 2011 coming?:
not really. just nervous about the school aspect

22. Was there a life changing experience that happened to you this year? What was it?:
getting rid of my panic attacks. i have never felt better.
also, living in a new city and going to a university.

23. Did you get a new piercing?:

24. Have you gotten in a physical fight with someone?:

25. What about verbal?:
i guess

26. Who hurt you the most this year?:
i started 2010 off being hurt really bad by someone

27. Who made you the happiest?:

28. Did your significant other do any 'cute' things for you?

29. Did you try a new weird food this year? Did you like it?:
kale. it's delicious.

30. Have you found a new hidden talent? What is it?:
motivating people. :)

31. Did you go streaking/skinny dipping this year?:
lol no

32. How did you do in school? (Before summer came):
my first semester at iowa was difficult, but i still did pretty good

33. Did you fall in/out of love in 2010?:

34. How many new friends do you think you've made?:
oh, a lot. between school and my new job. i don't really "hang out" with any though.

35. Have you lost any friends? Why?:
yeah a bunch. my whole friend group is just growing up and drifting away from each other.

36. Did you throw a huge banger this year?:
erica and I did for the orange bowl

37. Have you changed a lot from the beginning of 2010 to the end? How so?:
yeah a lot. i'm less emotional and more focused on myself in a good way

38. What would you like to change about yourself when 2011 comes?:
study more for exams. i suck at that.

39. What was your favorite holiday this year?:
christmas :)

40. Did you get caught in a big lie this year?:
sort of. i wanted to tell the truth.

41. Did you drastically change your style?:
not at all

42. Are you graduating in 2011?:
i wish

43. What was your least favorite month in 2010? Why?:
mehh...probably march.

44. Were you depressed at all this year? Why?:
not "depressed", just sad

45. Are you happy/excited to start the new year?!:

So this morning I started off my new year right with a Green monster smoothie! I don't have any photos, but i'll give the recipe!

PB Green Monster Smoothie:
makes one large smoothie

6 ounces water (sometimes i used almond milk)
1-2 cups of spinach
1 tbsp natural peanut butter
1/2 banana
1/2 tbsp chia seeds
1/2 scoop of chocolate peanut butter whey protein
2 pumps sugar free chocolate syrup (sometimes i omit this)

So delicious and refreshing this morning.
I'm running on two hours of sleep. Yeah, i'm crazy. Had to work @ 7:00 a.m. at the gym after new years eve. not fun. at least everyone working out is friendly and cheerful.

I plan on going to Bodyattack today. It's an intense cardio class with some intense push-ups, abs, and lunges included. my all time favorite group exercise class. my heart-rate blasts up to 180 and i usually burn over 500 calories in this class. much needed after a few days of not working out. whoops.

I can't wait to sleep later. wish i didn't have to work at java tomorrow morning, but oh well.

maybe ill come back with some food posts. oh yeahhhh. my fave. & take pictures with my awesome camera that my wonderful mama got me. :)


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