Thursday, January 20, 2011

life's a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about

- marilyn monroe

last day of school for the week. yes, already. i luckily only has class tuesdays (all freakin day), wednesday nights, and thursdays (all freakin day).

chemistry: seems like it will be pretty easy. but mega boring.

social & personality development: interesting topics, professor's accent is awesome, but lectures may be a little boring.

human biology: professor is hilarious, lab seems like it will be fun, seems like a pretty easy class

health psychology: may be more difficult, but the topics are what i'm passionate about and my professor seems really cool

behavior modification: thank god i have two semesters to complete this online course.

breakfast this week has been the same everyday. simple whipped banana oats. :)

lunch yesterday was grilled cheese & tomato soup. reminded me when i was little. definitely was one of my favorite combinations.
for this sandwich i used Ezekiel bread, 2 tomato slices, mozz cheese, and goat cheese. mmm.

i woke up this morning @ 3:30 am with a horrible sore throat & a runny nose. ughhhhhh i thought i wasn't going to get sick this year. time to get rid of this asap.

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