Wednesday, January 19, 2011

never let go of hope.

even though i don't have many readers. i think it's only my mom who actually reads this... i am still sorry for not updating!
i started class yesterday. :)
im actually pretty excited.

i dont have any new pictures today of my recent eats, but i've been having oatmeal every day for breakfast. it's easy and satisfying. why change that right now? ill wait until im sick of it.

i've been keeping up with my work outs for sure. i also started training this week for a 15K. monday was "stretch & strengthen" which was perfect since i took a strength class & a power yoga class.
tuesday was "run/walk 2 miles" which i did at the rec center after class. and holy crap it was like pulling teeth to get a treadmill around 5 pm. EVERYONE was there. i also took a cardio/muscle class. which kicked my butt.

in other news..i'm getting another tattoo on saturday. its going to be one of the those dandelions that you blow and the things will turn into birds. hard to explain. & its going to say "never let go of hope" underneath.
ahh im so excited.