Saturday, January 15, 2011

be open to whatever comes next

the last couple of days of eats in picture form.

i've also done a lot of working out.
almost too much.
too much? how does that happen?
well, i strained my Achilles tendon. grrrreat. and do you think that stopped me? no.
because im stubborn.
okay....i know i should let it rest. but that's hard for this girl who is addicted to sweating it out at the gym.
and sometimes at home. like i did yesterday with bob harper who kicked my ass with his dvd cardio conditioning. i even got yelled at by the neighbors below because of my hardcore jumping. hah WHOOPS. probably shouldn't be doing tuck jumps when i live above people. thanks bob, getting me in trouble...

i should show you all my entire work-out dvd collection. it's a little overwhelming. and embarassing. i haven't even tried all of them yet...but most are good enough to replace a good work out at the gym.

yeah i am insane. whatever, i don't care.

anyway so the past couple days i haven't been doing much besides working. i've watched a couple movies too since i've been all alone at home. =(
i watched the social network. pretty good.
charlie st. cloud. so sad. =( i cried. twice.
and the backup plan. it was cute, but im kind of over predictable chick flicks.
weird, i know. im a chick flick junkie.

officially 8 weeks and a few days until my goal of getting in shape for the beach. :D

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  1. I'd like to steal your dvd collection, some of those I have too.