Monday, January 3, 2011

here's to starting over: 2011

im listening to the most amazing pandora radio right now: joshua radin. such soothing music for a cold morning. =)

since today is monday i have decided it is a great chance for me to begin my new healthy lifestyle. my goals from this plan is to have high energy, clear skin, and feel great about myself. :D

this girl that i work with at java creek wants to look good a wedding she is going to be in in 4 months so i sent her this plan that i used from lots of different resources. i will be following it with her.

for the first two weeks we will be adding food to our normal eating patterns, not taking away food.
2 eggs daily, 1 cup of oatmeal daily, 2-3 cups of vegetables, 2 fresh fruit servings, water with lemon juice (2-3 liters), whey protein shake, and herbal tea every night.

so far, so good. had my oatmeal for breakfast.

in the mix:
1 packet high fiber cinnamon swirl oatmeal
small apple cut up into cubes
almond milk

after the first two weeks, we will be eating clean food for five days (mon-fri) and have two treat meals on the weekend.
the daily eating plan will consist of four 4 oz proteins, 3 vegetables, 2 fruits, 2 grains, and 1 fat.

ill be giving more details about it once i am more into it. it is adapted from jackie warner's book "this is why you're fat." most of what she has written in there is stuff i already knew or have read before, but she says things in such a simple way that makes it easy to follow.
it's not a "diet", its a lifestyle.

well im going to get ready to go work out now. i'm going to 3 group exercise classes. t-n-t (mix of cardio and strength), power yoga, and bodyattack (intense cardio)
i'm real excited. i love sweating it out at the gym. makes me feel empowered for the rest of the day.

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