Tuesday, October 12, 2010

who's seen jezebel?

the title is a lyric from iron & wine's jezebel. because.... i get to see them tonight. i'm so excited. even though i saw them at lollapalooza 2009. it was amazing.

anyway. i started a new blog. i needed a fresh start. and i feel like this one will explain me most. i am all about exercising. some think i'm obsessed, but im really not. i'm just obsessed with the feeling it gives me afterward. :)

my name is sharelle and i'm twenty-one years old. i go to the university of iowa, pursuing a double major in psychology and health & human physiology. i thought about doing something with psych, but i can't see myself being that happy with it because individuals are pretty depressing and i think i would start to go crazy. so instead, i decided i want to help others by something i know and that im extremely interested in: nutrition and exercise! woo. exciting. im going to be a younger version of jillian michaels. yep.

right now my life mostly consists of school, homework, work (as a service desk associate at a local gym & a shift manager at a coffeeshop in my hometown), taking group exercise classes, trying to run, learning how to cook my own meals, and sleep.

some interesting facts about me:
- i eat a jar of nut butter a week.
- i watch way too much tv (online since i dont have cable): project runway, antm, biggest loser, teen mom, real world, grey's anatomy, gossip girl, keeping up with the kardashians, and jersey shore. go ahead make fun, but i know you watch it too.
- i spend more money on groceries than on entertainment
- i gained 20 pounds in the last year. (AHHH. i think its mostly muscle.)
- i have generalized anxiety disorder and am prescribed with paxil which has made me EMOTIONLESS! sometimes good, sometimes not so good.
- i've got a brother in the philippines who doesn't have the greatest lifestyle. i eventually want to travel over there and bring him back to the states with me.
- i'm too scared to take a spin class.

thats all i cant think of right now. but im a really weird, awkward person who doesn't talk that much. haha


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