Wednesday, October 13, 2010

wake up; it's no use pretending

iron and wine was amazing last night. as usual, he never ceases to amaze me. i always just zone into his voice.

currently i'm watching the biggest loser. i am so in love with this show. i am so in love with both bob and jillian. they are so motivational to everyone.

i had a delicious breakfast today. actual i have been eating this everyday for a week now. bulgar wheat, raisins, banana, cinnamon, almond milk, and a blob of almond butter.

pretty soon i have to go to class. & afterwards i'm going to one of my favorite group exercise classes: awesome intervals. the instructor is probably in her 60's...but WOW she loves to dance, she loves to push us, she makes us laugh. it really is awesome; no pun intended.
the class is mostly step aerobics which get me to sweat my ass off..literally. along with lots of squats and arm toning.

i should really be studying for my two mid-term exams that i have tomorrow. ehh...
work & family institutions and research methods. yikes.

ill do that later... :)

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