Friday, October 15, 2010


my roommate's pumpkin is bigger than my head!

yeah so we are having people over tonight to carve pumpkins, drink yummy jello shots, and watch hocus pocus. second annual halloween night. :D
ill remember to take pictures.

breakfast was the usual bulgar wheat, almond butter, almond milk, raisins, banana, and cinnamon. this breakfast fills me up like no other.
but whenever i get my south beach diet book i won't be eating high carb foods for two weeks! Ahhhhhh. eggs for breakfast? im not that kind of person. oh well ill get through it.

i dont like calling the south beach diet a "diet" because i think its more of an eating lifestyle. the only reason im going to follow it is because i've gained about 20, yes 20, pounds in the last year. (i really dont know how i think it may have to do with my medication) but i just want to shed off the "excess" in order to feel comfortable and healthy again. none of my 13 pairs of jeans fit me like that did last year. some i cant even get up my thighs! lol.

ill be continuing to take my exercise classes because they make me feel better & refreshed. and speaking of.. im going to zumba in an hour and then a 3-2-1 training class at noon.
then cleaning and getting ready for the halloween festivities!


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