Monday, May 9, 2011

outdoor bootcamp

i took a few pictures of my recent eats from the past week. its been a busy one!
finals this week. AH.

greek yogurt w/ fresh strawberries & bagel thin with lowfat cream cheese.

this would be tofu w/ salsa & spinach. i drenched and spiced the tofu like crazy. it tastes like nothing if you don't.
and a tofu scramble.
inside two la tortilla factory tortillas.
this was my cinco de mayo lunch.
gotta celebrate with my favorite food.
outfit that i wore on cinco de mayo. just for fun.
my favorite bowl of oats.
1/4 cup oats, 2/3 cup almond milk, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, chopped green apple, cinnamon topped w/ peanut flour sauce & chia seeds
snackage: green apple slices on top of a sandwich thin w/ almond butter.
today, however, i had unpictured protein pancakes.

bootcamp was outside this morning! loved being outside. :) the work out was a killer too.

run two laps around the gym
squat and flip tires
15 squats
roll tire back
15 tricep dips on tire
1 lap
squat and flip tire
15 incline pushups on tire
roll tire back
20 cross over mountain climbers
1 lap

squat & overhead press w/ resistance band (1 min)
rows w/ resistance band around pole (1 min)
chest press w/ resistance band around pole (1 min)
suicide runs
x 3

1 easy lap
ab work
easy lap


holy burn. im going to be sore tomorrow.

time to study for finals. :(

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  1. Siunds like an awesome workout!! I love bootcamp style workouts. They keep me from getting too bored! haha