Monday, May 2, 2011

8.8 mall to mall

I FINISHED! & I ran the entire thing! :)
i am still on runners high a day later.
i can't believe it.
8.8 miles in 1:28. this is crazy for me because i do not consider myself a runner. (now i do.)
i have never ran more than 4 miles straight. [i ran the 5 mile july 4th race last year, but had to stop and walk]
i didnt even think i was going to run. i thought i would just walk it. maybe it was the fuel from 1/2 cup of oats + banana? was just my DRIVE! i kept repeating in my head "mind over matter, you can do this, sharelle. its all mental."
well i stayed at a pace of 10 min/mile the whole way and did it. i am so proud of myself right now. im just..speechless.


Sharelle Allamand, F21 Cedar Rapids, IA





i placed "50" because it was a time prediction race. the winner was the person who came closest to their predicted time. they were 2 seconds off! my mom & stepdad were 20 seconds off!
i was 2 minutes faster than my predicted time. :D
i also was the youngest runner there. [there was one 16 year old but everyone else was 25 or older.]
i have been grinning ear to ear these past 24 hours.

after the run, i went to work at the coffeeshop for 9 hours then came home and finally got to crash, put some biofreeze on my legs and fall into a deep slumber.
woke up for bootcamp & actually did pretty ok!

for our work out we did 5 minute rounds at each station:

station #1:
sled push (high)
sled push (low)
20 pushups
20 situps

run 1 lap

station #2:
25 jumping jacks
20 goblet squats
15 diamond pushups
10 burpees

run 1 lap

station #3:
40 mountain climbers (total)
30 tricep dips
20 incline pushups (using a step with 3 risers)
10 plank up downs

run 1 lap

20 sumo deadlift high pulls (20 lb barbell)
20 push press (20 lb barbell)
20 arm wide pushups
side planks (30 sec each side)

run 1 lap

25 decline pushups
20 ball tucks
15 ball pass
plank hold (30 sec)

run 1 lap

prisoner lunges (20 each leg)
20 side ball throws (each side)
10 ball slams

walk 1 lap

i hardly did more than one round of each. my muscles were on fire today!

breakfast [sticking with my meal plan!]:
1 cup nonfat plain greek yogurt w/ 1 cup strawberries [about 185 cal]
1 bagel thin w/ 1 tbsp low fat cream cheese [180]
total: 365 cal

also had 2 cups black coffee.
ready to tackle this day. after catching up with reading blogs all morning im about ready to start on some much needed homework. health psych is my first final next week so im going to focus on that first. i just got an email about the exam and its 5 essay questions. (1 for each chapter)....actually excited about that. i rock essay tests in comparison to multiple choice.

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