Wednesday, December 8, 2010

life is full of beauty.

i have neglected this for a month now.
it's been a crazy month to say the least.
during thanksgiving break, i worked 70 hours with both jobs. yeah. 70. nice paycheck though. :D
and now it's even crazier because finals are next week. and do you think i've written my 12 page paper for sociology of sexuality? nope. and do you think i've even glanced at what's going to be on my other tests? nope. im not very motivated right now. and im not sure why. im also extremely tired all the time too.
but not today.
maybe it's because i exercised twice today? and really got my heart rate up? and according to my polar watch, i burned 850 calories. holy cow, i think that's even more than i ate so far today. not that i care about the calorie intake or outtake for that matter. just as long as im eating healthy and getting much needed exercise in.

exercise is my way of waking up from this tired feeling. and so far, it's helping.
being lazy just makes me fall asleep. and not want to do anything at all. i dont want to be like that..ever. i already dont have much of a life as it is.

today i was thinking a lot about goals for 2011. the year is coming to an end..and even though i've only succeeded in one new years resolution my entire life (not eating french fries for a whole year) i really want to try and conquer the things i've wanted to do for so long.

so here are my goals for 2011. i may modify them later, but this is what i can think of right now:

1) run a half marathon. [i was watching the biggest loser this morning and they ran a marathon. 26.2 miles! if they can do it, i can do it. definitely. plus i really want to run another race with my mom and stick with her this time.]

2) eat greens everyday.

3) get rid of stuff i dont need [organize my closet]

4) cook a new recipe at least once a week. (and try different ethnic recipes every once in a while)

5) try a spin class! (i might actually do this before 2011)

6) do yoga at least 2-3 times a week.

7) hang out with friends at least once a week or every other. (it's sad..i never see them.)

8) start saving money again.

9) buy a bike for the spring!

10) get a DSLR camera

11) become a group exercise instructor (already applied!)

quite the list already. but it feels good to actually write those out.


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  1. Those are some impressive goals! I try to do the one new recipe a week thing too. And I love love love spin. I'm so bummed i can't do it right now.

    My goal for 2011 is to get back into pre-pregnancy shape before the end of the year. I'm having my baby early/mid Jan and then it will be a path to fitness. I'm excited. Especially since I got in good enough shape to compete in a fitness comp a year after having my daughter. :)