Thursday, March 31, 2011

if not now, then when?

this has been a very stressful month. besides when i went to virginia during spring break. that was very relaxing and fun. :) wish i was back there though. once i got back, i had no motivation for school whatsoever. or exercise. don't worry, i still let the bootcamp trainers kick my butt and ran a couple times here and there. and maybe went to a class or two. but i feel... different.

i feel like i'm never going to accomplish what i want to. and maybe it's because i want to do SO many different things.
i want to finish my psychology degree and eventually get my masters in it. and use it to counsel patients going through eating disorders.
i want to take this one last class to get a sociology minor. [will do in fall!]
i want to get a health promotion minor with all my extra electives. [will hopefully do this next year]
i want to take digital photography classes to learn how to use my canon rebel. [no time and no money]
i want to start riding a bike.
i want to be able to call myself a "runner" but the most i can run without wanting to fall over and die is 3 miles.
i want to get a personal training certification.
i want to become a group fitness instructor. [I START IN TWO WEEKS!]
i want to become kickboxing certified.
i want to move out of iowa. [im too scared]

see why im stressed? i need to pick just one thing and stick with it. but its SO HARD.

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